• This class is a manager of server side files and directories.

    It can perform several operations on files and directories on the server side like creating and removing directories, creating, updating and deleting files from directories, retrieving the list of files in a diretory recursively, generating a files listing in a HTML page, etc..

    The class can also create htaccess and htpasswd files to restrict the Web access to a given directory to a given user with a password.

  • By: Jaswinder Singh Rattanpal | January 15, 2013 | Resources | WAMP, PHP, Apache, CURL

    I recently installed WAMP on Windows 2008 server; PHP 5.3.13 and Apache 2.2. While trying to use Facebook API, I came across issue with CURL extension of PHP as Facebook API needs this extension. I enabled this extension in PHP but Apache kept throwing an error that it couldn't load dynamic library:

  • By: Jaswinder Singh Rattanpal | January 01, 2013 | Project | PHP, PHP5, SVN

    I have often used SVN as Source Code versioning. Its quite a manual process to create new users, groups or repositories. Not time consuming but very manul task. This prompted me to create a PHP application which I could use to do this easily without having to logon to SVN server. This proved to be quite useful as we work on projects as team. So, now every developer can do this on their without having to send this request to me. See, real easy. Any ways, you can grab this code from following links.

  • By: Jaswinder Singh Rattanpal | January 01, 2013 | Project | PHP5, CMS, Templates

    While working on a small site with no database, I was thinking how to make it easier to create small scale, say 3-5 pages, web sites without having to set up everything everytime. To stop having to do this setup again and again, I developed RSCMS which works on a pre-defined structure and generates final HTML pages as needed. All I needed to do was drop a page in templates folder and just update other pages (as needed) to add a link to that page so its accessible.

  • Its that time again; for nwe post with findings of the week of course. So, I was searching for some modules that could help me with my development and came across few. I believe, if used properly, these can be very helpful modules.

    Of course, some of you might not agree so please feel free to share your ideas. I am always eager to learn more and will keep learning through out my career; at least that is what I am supposed to say to portrait me as a humble person.

  • By: Jaswinder Singh Rattanpal | October 03, 2012 | General | Book, PHP5

    Found this site from one of the poster's signature on www.sitepoint.com. Its not detailed but a great reminder of new things in PHP; at least I think it is. It also contains great links that are great read. Just wanted to share with you all. 

    PHP: The Right Way

  • GO Transit, Toronto has a cmplete signal system breakdown today. They are not sure what happened as is the first time such a thing happened.   They are not sure how t fx it  

    But for now, they are using older signal system that they used before computerized system was in place. At least they are moving now. Sitting in train for a long time and not moving is not fun; especially when you are not tired enough to sleep.

  • Finally found a nice video tutorial list for learning Photoshop

  • Post to Twitter from Drupal

  • Enrolled into Machine learning, an online course by Coursera